What is our goal, and how do we get there?

What's the goal?

Many other nations boast much more equitable political representation than Canada.

They’ve achieved this through developing and implementing policy under pressure from their own citizens and from the international community.
Political parties have the power to adopt significant, intentional policies and proactive practices aimed at recruiting candidates that better reflect Canada’s diverse population.

As a country that prides itself on its commitment to equality, we need to do better.

How do we get there?

By building and sharing resources and research that make clear the benefits of equality for all of us.

By inspiring conversations about the barriers and means of overcoming them.

By encouraging those with relevant experience, insights and solutions to speak up.

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By letting decision-makers know that we expect action and by demanding that all parties mandate and enact policies and practices that remove barriers to women’s participation in Canadian elections.

Demanding Parity In Government

The status quo of only 29% representation of women elected officials is no longer defensible.

Parity in Politics is a non-partisan, grassroots campaign that seeks to amplify the voices of advocates for women’s participation in Canadian politics. The goal is to encourage political parties to be accountable for making aggressive changes to electoral policies and practices that will result in gender parity by 2030.

Help achieve Parity in Politics.

Here are some simple ways to get involved!
  • Email your MP / MLA / MNA or Party Directors.
  • Sign the parliamentary petition
  • Follow & Share on social media
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