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Demanding Parity In Government

The status quo of only 30% representation of women elected officials is no longer defensible.

Parity in Politics is a non-partisan, grassroots campaign that seeks to amplify the voices of advocates for women’s participation in Canadian politics. The goal is to encourage political parties to be accountable for making aggressive changes to electoral policies and practices that will result in gender parity by 2030.

Email your MP / MLA / MNA or Party Directors.

Here is a list of elected officials across Canada and some helpful tips to get you started:

Identify yourself and state your goal or request right at the beginning.

Provide some background on why parity in politics is important to you.

Request a specific action from your lawmaker or riding association leadership (i.e. deliberate outreach efforts that target and recruit non-traditional candidates to become involved, to include diverse women,trans and gender-nonbinary people)

Thank the official for any positive action they may have already taken in the past on this issue.

Politely request a response to your letter

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